RiTE is True Expression

RiTE MEDIA is the creative production and technology house for inventive storytellers, filmmakers, and visual engineers who push the unimaginable.

Creative Content

10-year industry leader in content creation for branded content, feature films, episodic, music videos, as well as musical event installations. Immersive storytelling is in our DNA.


R&D house with an emphasis in virtual production, MOCO / automation, high-speed cinematography, bespoke creative lighting solutions, and SFX / rigs & design.


We love what we get to do every day; work with fellow artists, brands, production studios, and tech manufacturers in designing, iterating, and executing compelling ideas.

Who We Are


RiTE MEDIA was born of naive inventive passion. In the summer of 2010, a small bastion of young creatives with a blend of right and left-brain talents banded together with the common thread of telling unique stories, leveraging the world’s most leading-edge technologies. 13 years later, through the power of team synergy, RiTE continues to explore the unseen in art and technology while nurturing a true content-creating community in Georgia and beyond.

Our Work

Recent Projects

For creative brands & collaborators with a thirst for bold content that ignites every sense, we translate what matters into actionable production steps; empowering storytellers with curated teams and tools to materialize imagination.


Pursuit of the Unseen

Curiosity-driven research provides the gateway to powerful, interconnected and immersive production methods where any idea can be realized on-demand.

Virtual Production

Virtual Production (VP) has forever changed the filmmaking landscape; streamlining the entire production process AND liberating creative limitations. VP is the integration of real-time gaming engines with a powerfully interconnected, controllable, and immersive production stage – where any world can be realized on demand.

MOCO | Automation

Motion Control (MOCO) is the use of precisely controlled robotic systems to execute a complex series of timed movements and triggered events. Applications range from ‘tabletop’ product shoots to live-action filmmaking. We now have even greater integration with Virtual Production. Check out our family of robots (BOLT, BOLT Jr+, UR 10 Bot)

High-Speed Cinema

The holy grail of high-speed cinematography, the Phantom Flex4K cinema camera is capable of frame speeds that range from standard frame rates up to 1,000 frames-per-second at 4K and almost 2,000 fps at 2K resolution. High-speed cinematography integrates seamlessly and beautifully with motion control to create powerful, mind-blowing imagery.

SFX | Rig Design

We fabricate unique rigs to execute magical unseen moments, scaling from a tabletop to giant tentpole films. By automating trigger-able events, we create practical in-camera FX that look like CGI, but more cost efficient and visceral. It’s the special sauce gluing our Virtual Production, Motion Control, and High-Speed Cinema together into an inter-connected ‘smart stage’.

Impact Through Art

As artists, we hold the power to shape society. With this
power comes great responsibility and accountability.​ ​Beyond
simply telling great stories, we are driven by our
burning desire to
lower the barrier
of entry to premium filmmaking for the
indie stage; pushing the boundaries of what’s creatively possible.


Innovative Storytellers


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