What is Virtual Production

An Introduction to Virtual Production

Experience the power of real-time visualization with our virtual production services, powered by LED volumes. Unlike traditional green screen technology that leaves much to post-production, our advanced LED volumes allow directors to see and interact with digital environments right on the set. This immediate visual feedback facilitates on-the-spot creative decisions, ensuring your vision comes to life just as you imagine it.

Virtual Productions

Recent Projects

For creative brands & collaborators with a thirst for bold content that ignites every sense, we translate what matters into actionable production steps; empowering storytellers with curated teams and tools to materialize imagination.


Practical Meets Virtual

We embolden our team by bringing together multi-disciplined experts early in the challenge. We believe the best results are achieved with open-minded, fluid, iterative processes and rigorous candor. And of course we relish the journey because it’s fun and we love what we do!

Real-Time Visualization

Real-time digital environment visibility empowers directors and cinematographers with creative flexibility, enabling on-the-fly changes and enhancing the filmmaking process

Motion-Control and Automation

When combined with Virtual Production, Motion Control and Automation gives creatives a new set of tools to shoot content with total precision and detail control.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Virtual production can eliminate the need for costly location shoots, significantly reducing travel expenses, logistical complications, and post-production costs tied to cumbersome CGI.

Enhanced Lighting and Reflections

LED volumes offer immersive and realistic lighting conditions, accurately reflecting on actors and physical props, thereby contributing to an enhanced level of realism in the final product.

Improved Actor Performance

Actors perform in an immersive, interactive environment instead of in front of green screens. This leads to more natural performances as as they can respond to their actual surroundings.

LED Volume Versatility

The same LED volume can be used to create an almost infinite number of digital environments, offering unparalleled creative possibilities, making it an extremely versatile tool for any type of production.

Comprehensive Safety

Amid ongoing global health concerns, the ability to seamlessly simulate any location in a controlled, on-set environment reduces the need for travel and crowded on-location shoots.

Ecological Sustainability

By effectively reducing the need for costly on-location shoots and extensive physical set building, virtual production can emerge as a remarkably environmentally friendly approach to filmmaking.


VP Supervisor

Oversees the virtual production process; working closely with the director and virtual production departments to ensure the execution of the creative vision in all aspects of the process.

VP Producer

Responsible for planning, budgeting, and scheduling the virtual production project, as well as overseeing the management of the production team, resources, and finances to maintain a seamless workflow.

Unreal Integration

This role involves overseeing the technical aspects of real-time rendering and virtual environment creation. They work closely with the Virtual Art Dept. and ensure that everything runs smoothly on set.

Virtual Art Department

Supervises the technical aspects of real-time rendering and virtual environment creation, collaborating closely with the Virtual Art Department to ensure seamless operations on set.

Camera Tracking Technician

Synchronizing physical and virtual cameras between the physical set and virtual environment, ensuring realistic camera movements are achieved.

LED Technician

Responsible for the setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the LED wall, ensuring that it is properly calibrated for color accuracy, brightness, and resolution.


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